USAID Egyptian Pioneers
Frequently Asked Questions

USAID Egyptian Pioneers aims to build a more inclusive and capable workforce that elevates sectors critical to Egypt’s economic growth through providing scholarships to professionals working in the Government of Egypt (GOE) Institutions. These scholarships are offered to calibers who are interested in pursuing master’s degree, postdoctoral studies, and short-term training opportunities in Egypt and U.S. universities. The program provides opportunities in sectors vital to Egypt’s development.

Through a nine-year cooperative agreement, the American University in Cairo (AUC) will administer the program in collaboration with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR). One of the key results under USAID Egyptian Pioneers is:

Result 1 (GOE): Egyptian ministries and other government institutions at the forefront of Egypt’s strategic development will have greater leadership and technical capacity to develop and implement policies and practices that advance national priorities.

Result 2 (non-GOE): Emerging leaders in non-GOE entities will modernize their knowledge, skills, and practice to tackle Egypt’s evolving public and private sector challenges and advance Egypt’s regional and international competitiveness.