About USAID Egyptian Pioneers

USAID Egyptian Pioneers aims to build a more inclusive and capable workforce that elevates sectors critical to Egypt’s economic growth through providing scholarships to professionals working in the Government of Egypt (GOE) and emerging leaders in the Non-Government of Egypt (non-GOE) Institutions. These scholarships are offered to calibers who are interested to pursue master’s degree, postdoctoral studies, and short-term training opportunities in Egypt and U.S universities. The program provides opportunities in sectors vital to Egypt’s development.

Through a nine-year cooperative agreement, AUC will administer the program in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and private and public sector institutions.

USAID Egyptian Pioneers Key Results:

  • Result 1: Egyptian ministries and other government institutions at the forefront of Egypt’s strategic development will have greater leadership and technical capacity to develop and implement policies and practices that advance national priorities.
  • Result 2: Emerging leaders in non-GOE entities will modernize their knowledge, skills, and practice to tackle Egypt’s evolving public and private sector challenges and advance Egypt’s regional and international competitiveness.

With growing concern and becoming a sector of priority in Egypt’s sustainable development goals, climate change has been selected as a theme for this year’s cohort. To ensure the best selection of academic programs and training topics for the scholarships, the Sectors Assessment Report has pinpointed and identified 17 priority sectors, which include the following sectors:

  1. Energy
  2. Industry
  3. Agriculture
  4. Water Waste Management
  5. Solid Waste Management
  6. Digital Technology in Data Collection
  7. Banking/Finance
  8. Policy Making / Development
  9. Communication / Branding
  1. Humanities
  2. Transportation
  3. Health
  4. Education
  5. Sustainable Civil Planning/Urban Development
  6. Mining
  7. Tourism
  8. Legal

Applications are now open for mid-career professionals who are working in the Government of Egypt and non-Government of Egypt who submitted their expression of interest to pursue one of the following programs:

  1. Master’s degree (in Egypt or the U.S.)
  2. Postdoctoral studies (in the U.S.)
  3. Short-term training for GOE (in Egypt)
  4. Short-term training for GOE (in the U.S.)
  5. Short-term training for non-GOE (in Egypt)

For more information on the eligible entities that submitted their expression of interest, please click on this link

Programs covered by USAID Egyptian Pioneers

The current round of scholarships focuses on sectors with high relevance to Egypt’s climate change goals. Applicants should choose the topics that are aligned with their entities' priorities. Please click here for more information on universities and programs available for USAID Egyptian Pioneers scholarships.

Topics covered by USAID Egyptian Pioneers

Applicants will be allowed to choose from the below list of topics corresponding to the program of choice, as in the following table:



Master’s Degree in the U.S., Postdoctoral Studies, and Short-term training in Egypt and the U.S.

  1. Awareness and advocacy on climate action goals and policies that creates a healthy environment
  2. Emergency response systems
  3. Water management and rationalization methodologies on an individual and institutional levels
  4. Climate change policies in relation to administrative policies
  5. Clean energy and energy efficiency and its implementation mechanisms on an institutional level
  6. Digital Transformation and Climate Change
  7. Climate-resilient infrastructure and mechanisms on how to repair and maintain it
  8. Emissions reduction
  9. Partnerships and climate actions
  10. Research and impact assessment of climate change

For more details on the application timeline, please refer to the following table:

Application Start Date (for GOE) December 3, 2023
Application Start Date (for non-GOE)January 9, 2024
Application End Date (for GOE)January 15, 2024
Application End Date (for non-GOE)January 31, 2024
Shortlisted candidates resultFebruary, 2024
Panel interviewFebruary, 2024
Final resultsMarch, 2024

Contact details

For more information on USAID Egyptian Pioneers, please contact us at

Mobile: 01012304174

Working hours: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm (GMT +2)